Recent Project

Unir has recently completed a project that involves the installation of an innovative fiber optic network system in various locations across the United States. This project was undertaken to improve the existing system of various service providers by providing faster, more efficient and reliable connectivity to users.

The project involved the installation of a complex network of fiber-optic cables across various cities and connecting them to the existing networks. This new network system is not only faster but also significantly enhances the capacity of the existing networks to cater to a larger number of users.

The implementation of this new fiber optic network system has brought about numerous benefits, including the provision of faster internet speeds, better connectivity, more reliable connections, and high-quality video streaming capabilities. The enhanced capacity of the system also makes it possible for users to connect and operate their devices simultaneously, without experiencing any performance issues.

The project's goal was to improve the customer experience by providing premium quality services that are not only efficient but also enable users to stay connected and productive efficiently. This project has brought an overall improvement in the availability and quality of internet services, allowing businesses to operate at peak efficiency, and consumers to access digital services more efficiently.

Overall, Unircable’s latest project has significantly enhanced the capacity and quality of existing networks across the United States. This project has demonstrated that continuous innovation is crucial to meet present and future business demands and is a reflection of Unircable's continued commitment to provide state-of-the-art connectivity solutions to our customers.

Deep-sea electrical components             Modular underwater connector, integrated bench marking Gisma40 series and seacon opcon series

Deep-sea electrical components                                      Modular underwater connector, integrated                                                                                                                                    benchmarking Gisma40 series and seacon                                                                                                                                 opcon series

Ship-shore connection assembly 6 cores fiber            Ship-shore connection assembly

Ship-shore connection assembly 6 cores fiber            Ship-shore connection assembly

Underwater 4-core fiber optical and 4-core power cable and connector            Miniaturized electrical components

Underwater 4-core fiber optical and 4-core                  Miniaturized electrical components                                                                    power cable and connector

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