Electrical winch(compact)

Electrical winch Electrical winchElectrical winch

The Electrical Winch from Unircable boasts an impressive array of features and benefits that are sure to satisfy customers’ needs. This piece of equipment is capable of lifting and pulling massive loads without breaking a sweat, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications.

One of the most impressive things about the Electrical Winch is its compact design. Despite its strength and durability, this machine is surprisingly nimble and easy to use. It is perfect for smaller workspaces where larger equipment wouldn’t be practical.

Another key advantage of the Electrical Winch is its high efficiency. It’s designed to get the job done quickly and effectively, with minimal downtime. This means that users can complete their work in a timely and efficient manner without sacrificing quality.

Overall, the Electrical Winch from Unircable is an excellent piece of equipment that is well worth considering for any lifting or pulling application.

1  Technical specification

1 Capacity ≥300m  (When OD ≤8.5mm )
2 Tension and retraction ≤280N
3 Size approx. 800*550*500
4 G.W. 28 KG (Exclude cable and battery)
5 Power supply DC48V
6 Power 80W
7 Retraction speed 0.3m/s-1m/s  Adjustable
8) Working temperature -20℃-60℃
9) Cores of slip ring 6 cores
10Rated current (Slip ring) 10A
11Insulation resistance(Slip ring) 1000MΩ @ 600VDC
12Work life (Slip ring) 10,000,000 rotary
13Waterproof rank (Slip ring) IP51
14Work temperature (Slip ring) -40℃-80℃
15Material ( Slip ring) Aluminium alloy
16Weight (Slip ring) Approx. 220g
17Interfaces 1 set
18Cores of interface 7
19Waterproof rank (Interface): IP67


2 Main function

1) Reeling control:  Yes

2) Self stowing mooring:  Yes

3) Brake:  Yes

4) Communication:  Yes

3 Following things shall be determined when placing order:

  • F/O & electrical transmitter optional, interfaces shall be confirmed before production;
  • Price exclude watertight connector;
  • Display;
  • Meter counter;
  • Data transmission negotiable;
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