Who we are

Unir designs and manufactures high specification custom cables, specialty tether, complex multi-functional umbilical cables and cable hose systems for a variety of harsh environment applications. They can be designed to suit any application, whether on land, in the sea or in the air. Cost efficient and reliable ROV cable solutions,Deep-sea watertight connectors compatible with internationally renowned brands and the provision of various supporting subsea component etc., all make us more competitive in this field.

Our production line is located in a city close to the port and has horizontal helix machine and extrusion lines, suitable for larger diameter and longer length cable and umbilical systems required for offshore energy.It is well suited for offshore submarine wind energy cabling systems, which oversees the production of cable and umbilical systems used in a variety of diving and seismic operations and subsea underwater connectors and assemblies.

The mission,our company frequently provide the solutions and products for the international energy, defence, oceanographic science and seismic industries .Making complicated underwater inspection come true, Making deep sea works easy.Hope to be your reliable assistant of marine wherever you located in.

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