Metal shell series connector

Metal shell series connector


  1. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) systems
  2. Underwater video, cameraandlighting systems
  3. Diving equipment and systems
  4. Sonarsystems
  5. Oilrig, offshoreoilandgas,andrenewableenergy systems applications Oceanographic systems and equipment

Customized Solutions

  1. Customers can specify the specification, material and reserved length of supporting wires and cables
  2. Customersspecifiedmainmaterialoftheunderwater connector
  3. Makesystematictestplanfordifferentapplication environment

Connector specifications and property

  1. Voltagerating:600V DC/AC
  2. Current rating:10A
  3. Insulationresistance >200MΩ
  4. Contactresistance<0.01Ω

Connector material specification

  1. Connector housing:SS316L /stainless steel/Titanium
  2. Pin:Gold-plated brass

SubConn compatible connector catalog-pdf

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