Automatic electrical winch

automatic electrical winches automatic electrical winches

One of the key benefits of automatic electrical winch is their ability to work automatically, without requiring manual intervention. This means that they can be controlled remotely or programmed to stop automatically once they have reached a certain load or distance. This makes them an ideal choice for applications where safety and efficiency are top priorities.

For example, they can be designed to work in extreme environments, such as deep sea or arctic conditions, and can be equipped with additional safety features, such as automatic brakes or overload protection.

Another benefit of automatic electrical winch is their ease of use and maintenance. Unlike hydraulic winches, which require regular maintenance and can be messy to operate, automatic electrical winches are clean and easy to operate. They also require minimal maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective solution in the long run.

1 Technical specification

1 Capacity ≥300m;
2 Load tension ≥100kg;
3 Tension and retraction ≥100kg;
4  Size approx. <1050x1000x950
5  G.W. ≤60kg
6 Power supply 220V
7Power 750w,Servo
8Retraction speed 0-20m/min
9 Work temperature -20℃-+80℃
10Cores of slip ring 2* F/O  2* Electrical
11Rated current (Slip ring) 2 core * 10A
12Insulation resistance(Slip ring) 500MΩ
13Work life (Slip ring) 1,000,000 rotary
14Waterproof rank (Slip ring) IP51
15Work temperature (Slip ring) -20℃-+80℃
16Material ( Slip ring) Stainless steel 316L
17Weight (Slip ring) ≤1.0kg
18Interfaces 1 unit;
19Cores of interface 2*F/O  2* Electrical
18Waterproof rank (Interface): IP68

2 Main function

  • Reeling control;
  • Self stowing mooring;
  • Brake;
  • Communication;
  • Length and Tension display;

3 Interfaces

There are 3 interfaces as follow:

1) Physical interface: Waterproof junction box;

Transmission:Single and power supply between Cabling and Slip ring;

  • Interface 2:UNIR18M-2S2Watertight connector;

Transmission:Uplink signal from winch to shore equipment,  Downlink power supply;

  • Interface 3:UNIR18M-2S2Watertight connector;

Transmission:  Uplink signal from cabling to underwater end,Downlink power supply;

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