Giải pháp cáp điện và cáp quang cho mọi ngành

Today,The demand for energy and power keeps growing in the world,Underwater and subsea engineering become more and more important for us.We provide electrical and optical cable solutions for all industries.

Electrical and optical cables are essential components in virtually every industry today. They play a critical role in transmitting data and electrical power over long distances, and they are used in a wide variety of applications. From telecommunications and transportation to energy and construction, electrical and optical cables are used in many critical applications.

The marine industry faces fresh challenges as operating water depth increasing and bandwidth and improved signal performance becomes even more critical. We design, qualify and stock an extensive range of specialised Signal, Electrical, Fibre Optic and Hybrid moulded cables suitable for underwater and in harsh environments. We are experienced in the manufacture & testing of cable assemblies using.Especially, help you save cost of labor and cable replacement.

UNIR designs extensive range of cables suitable for use underwater and in harsh environments. High grade materials such as polyurethane, neoprene, Kevlar,etc.Insulating and jacketing materials include PVC, PE, PP, FEP, TFE, TPR and PU. In addition to extruded versions taped constructions are also available.Buoyant or lightweight cable constructions include aramid fiber and other high tensile fibrous materials.

Species of our cable including:
*ROV Tether/Umbilical
*Flat travelling Cable
*Diving System Cable And Accessories
*Seismic Cable
*Pipe Robotic Cable
*Remotely Operated Equipment Cable
*Towing Cable
*Oil And Gas Cable
*Wind And Renewables Cable
*Fairing Cable

Your cable will be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

  1. ROV Tether/Rốn
  2. Flat Cable
  3. cáp địa chấn
  4. Pipe Robotic Cable
  5. Remotely Operated Equipment Cable
  6. Towing Cable
  7. Oil And Gas Cable
  8. Wind And Renewables Cable
  9. Cáp Fairing
  10. Người khác

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