ROV buộc/rốn

ROV known as Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle, also called underwater drone or underwater robot.
When diving by humans is either impractical or dangerous, such as working in deep water or investigating submerged hazards. ROVs carry equipment like video cameras, lights, robotic arms to grab things. By going where humans can't go, ROVs can explore the subsea world while the operator.these underwater robots help us safely study the ocean.

Most ROVs are linked to a host ship by a neutrally buoyant tether or a load-carrying umbilical cable is used along with a tether management system (TMS). Sometimes,The umbilical cable is an armored cable that contains a group of electrical conductors and fiber optics that carry electric power, video, and data signals between the operator and the TMS. Where used, the TMS relays the signals and power for the ROV down the tether cable. Once at the ROV, the power is distributed between the electrical components.

Otherwise, buoyant cables can be used in fresh or salt water. The buoyant cable is highly waterproof and can float on the water surface.

We design a variety range of umbilical cables to meet your various requests.

ROV tether umbilical


  • 3-20 AWG Conductor
  • 5-16 AWG Conductors
  • 1-26 AWG Conductors
  • Waterblocked
  • Breaking strength?200kg
  • Thành viên sức mạnh Kevlar
  • Polyurethane sheath
  • PU Inner Jacket
  • TPE Jacket
  • Single-mode fiber
  • Nominal O.D. = 10-35mm

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