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Underwater and harsh environment connectors are also called subsea connector.
Our Underwater and harsh environment connectors of multi-pin applied in connection of various devices of submarine engineerings, including ROVs,subsea thrustors, The transmission function of electrical and communication signals can be come true for the features of electric- performance,compact design, reliable watertight, seawater resistance.

However, the harsh environment underwater connectors operate in exposes them to extreme temperatures, pressures, saltwater corrosion, and mechanical wear and tear. Therefore, the connectors must be designed to withstand these conditions and ensure reliable and safe transmission of signals and power.

We can produce various subsea connectors for full depth application.

Connectors: Our metal shell connectors have a high integrity sealing arrangement. They were designed for extremely heavy-duty use and are trusted in the most rigorous underwater applications on the planet,use with solid or oil filled cables and tailored for the heaviest power, signal and electro-mechanical applications.

Penetrators: Our penetrators have a well-established and qualified range of dive bell and decompression chamber penetrators. Our fully blocked penetrators are available as electrical and electrical/optical variants with both single mode and multimode fibres. We can offer a wide variety of metal body mounting options as standard including NPT, UNF, flanged, smooth bore and other options on request

In summary, underwater harsh environment connectors are crucial for offshore and subsea engineering applications. Therefore, it is important to select the appropriate connector type and to carry out regular maintenance and inspection to ensure optimal performance and safety.

1.Subconn & Seacon

2.Роз'єм, сумісний з Burton

3.Underwater photoelectric Hybrid Connectors(electrical and fibre optic)

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