Плоский кабель

Flat cable (either flat travelling type or circular-liked type) is a cable that is used for power transmission to the elevator car, and communication between the controller, and the elevator car.

We are specialized in manufacturing Elevator Cable and provide the best Elevator Cable in the market. In addition,We have a wide range of production lines, including Elevator Cable, Welding Cable, Crane Cable, Hoistway Cable, Pendant Cable, Submersible Cable, Armoured Cable, Rubber Cable, Control Cable, Shield Cable, Compound Cable, Fire Resistant Cable and Signal Cable.

Elevator Cable Features: Strength, Flexibility, Minimize vibrations, Low temperature performance.


Flat cable TVVB Flat cable TVVB

  • a. Специфікація:
  • Cable structure?8X2'5 Insulated Teflon PUR sheath
  • Nominal outer diameter?5.8x27.7mm

2.Traveling cable

Traveling cable Traveling cable

  • a. Специфікація:
  • Cable structure? XFFB 12X1.5 nbr 2X1.5+4 cores armored optical fiber

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