Kabel logging serat optik

Optical Fiber Logging Cable

Optical fiber logging cable is a type of cable used in oil and gas well logging applications. It is designed to provide high-speed data transmission over long distances in harsh environments. Logging cable is used to lower instruments into wellbores to take measurements of the subsurface formations. Optical fiber cable has become a popular choice for logging operations due to its high bandwidth, fast data transfer rates, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. It provides real-time data transmission, which is essential for drilling operations. Optical fiber logging cables are also designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, making them suitable for use in deep and high-pressure wells.

It is made up of high-strength fibers protected by a specialized jacket. The jacket is designed to withstand harsh physical and chemical conditions found in oil and gas wells, allowing the cable to be utilized for extended periods of time. This type of cable is used to transmit large amounts of data at high speeds over long distances in a well. It is specially designed to work in high-pressure, high-temperature, and harsh chemical environments associated with the oil and gas industry. In comparison to traditional wireline cables, optical fiber logging cables are lighter, safer, and less prone to signal interference. Optical fiber cables are typically used for well logging activities in various drilling operations, such as petrophysics, geomechanics, and fluid analysis. These activities require precision measurements and real-time data to guide an operator in navigating the well and optimizing the production process. Optical fiber logging cable enables the transmission of detailed data over long distances, making it an essential component in oilfield service operations. Overall, the use of optical fiber logging cable enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of well logging activities in the oil and gas industry.

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We can offer it  which used for DTS (distributed temperature sensing),DAS (distributed acoustic sensing),DVS (distributed vibrational sensing),VSP(vertical seismic profiling ), real-time monitorin
Our cable also support temperature monitoring, well condition of the entire cable length covering, and can also be used to remotely control fiber sensor, such as pressure sensors and strain sensors.
Optical fiber downhole cables have optional diameter from 3.2mm/4.0mm/5.6mm/8mm/11mm


optical-fiber-loging-cable drawing

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