Marsh marine RMG dan seri RMK karet dibentuk kuncir konektor kabel pusar

Marsh marine RMG and RMK cable connectorlocking sleeve Marsh marine RMG and RMK cable connector

Most Rubber Molded connectors are available with pins and sockets reversed to help prevent mismating of connectors, which otherwise look identical. This also allows for socket type contacts in a connector where there is a possibility of a ?power-on? situation. Many of the bulkhead type connectors are available in 316 stainless steel. Male in-line connectors round out the series allowing for in-line mated sets not requiring bulkhead penetration.

The connectors are supplied as shown below for installation in the field and/or to non-neoprene jacketed cables, Bonding can be achieved by molding to the connectors shown using polyurethane with appropriate primers.

RMK-FS & Associated Parts
Standard Rubber Molded

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