Özel sualtı LED Işık

Unir-401 light Specification

Özel sualtı LED Işık        Özel sualtı LED Işık        Özel sualtı LED Işık

Unir-401 underwater lamp is a deep-water LED lamp specially designed for underwater robots, underwater monitoring and other fields. Imported LED wick, low power consumption and long life. Linear current drive, no stroboscopic. High strength composite plexiglass is used for better impact resistance. The shell heats up, improving the overall heat dissipation performance.

Model No. Unir-401
Shell material Anodized Aluminum
Port Material Acrylic
Connector XSG-3-BCL
Weight in air 300g
Depth Rating 500 m
working temperature -10? - 90?
Color temperature 6000K
Maximum luminous flux brightness 2000Lumens
Beam Angle 100°
Rated voltage 24VDC
Maximum current 1A@24VDC
Dimming mode 0-24VDC?0 100?24 0?

 Custom underwater LED Light drawing

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