Одноволоконный разъем OptoLink

Subconn Compatible OptoLink single-fibre connector Subconn Compatible OptoLink single-fibre connector

As businesses and consumers become increasingly reliant on internet connectivity, the demand for efficient and reliable optical networking solutions has grown exponentially. In response to this demand, we at Whispr are proud to introduce the OptoLink single-fibre connector ? the latest addition to our range of optical networking solutions.

The OptoLink single-fibre connector is an advanced optical connector that enables high-speed data transfer over a single fibre optic cable. This connector is designed to support critical data-intensive applications such as data centres, cloud computing, and high-performance computing. It is also well-suited for use in telecommunications, broadcast, video, security, and surveillance applications.

The OptoLink single-fibre connector boasts a number of features that make it stand out from other optical connectors in the market. For instance, it has a low insertion loss of less than 0.3 dB, which means that it is highly efficient in transmitting signals over long distances. Additionally, the OptoLink single-fibre connector has a high return loss of over 55 dB, which ensures that reflected light is kept to a minimum, thereby reducing the risk of signal interference.

In addition to the above benefits, the OptoLink single-fibre connector is also compact, making it easier to install and maintain than other bulkier connectors. Its unique LC-style form factor and single-fibre design also make it ideal for dense and efficient connectivity solutions.

At Whispr, we are dedicated to providing the best optical networking solutions to our customers. With the OptoLink single-fibre connector, we believe we have taken a significant step towards achieving this goal. This connector is not only efficient, reliable and easy to use but is also designed to meet the demands of modern business and consumers.

In conclusion, the OptoLink single-fibre connector is a game-changer in the world of optical networking. From its advanced features to its compact and efficient design, this connector is poised to revolutionize the way we share and transmit data. It is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence, and we are excited to see how it transforms the way of life for our customers.

Features and benefits
? 6,000 metre standard depth rating
? Available as single mode or multi mode
? Stock and services available from MacArtney
locations worldwide
? ROV, ROTV and UUV systems
? Fibre optic video and data multiplexers
? Cable ploughs
? Acoustics ranges
? Fibre optic riser fatigue systems
? General underwater fibre optic communication
? Renewable energy
? Other shell materials and thread sizes available
? Certified pressure testing of assemblies or

Subconn Compatible OptoLink single-fibre connector

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