Conector hibrid fotoelectric subacvatic (electric și fibră optică)

Underwater photoelectric hybrid connector (electrical and fibre optic) are specially designed connectors for transmitting electrical and fibre optic signals underwater. These connectors are essential for various underwater applications, including marine exploration, military operations, and offshore industries.

Unlike conventional electrical connectors, underwater connectors must be designed to withstand high pressure and maintain a watertight seal. Photoelectric hybrid connectors offer a reliable solution for transmitting signals in extreme underwater conditions.

Underwater photoelectric hybrid connector (electrical and fibre optic) consist of two main components, the optical portion and the electrical portion. The electrical portion contains pins that are connected to wires, while the optical portion contains lenses, optical fibers, and detectors. The pins and the lenses must align precisely to transmit the signals accurately.

When the connectors are mated, the lenses and detectors form a precise optical path that allows light to be transmitted across the interface. The electrical portion transmits electrical signals across a specified frequency band. With this combination, underwater photoelectric hybrid connectors can transmit both power and signals over long distances with minimal signal loss. The advantages of underwater photoelectric hybrid connectors are numerous. They offer a high degree of reliability under extreme conditions, require lower maintenance than other connectors, and support faster data transfer rates. They are also corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for use in saltwater environments.

In conclusion, the development of underwater photoelectric hybrid connectors has revolutionized many industries that depend on reliable signal transmission underwater. Their unique design offers a high degree of reliability and can withstand extreme conditions. The ability to transmit both electrical and optical signals over long distances makes them essential in various underwater applications.

In series, Widely covered, Electric+ Optic, Deep work,Highly sealed for withstand voltage,reliable and safe,

PINs: 1-121 pins for different spec ;
Insulation Resistance??5000M?
dielectrics voltage-resistance?1500-10000 V/DC?max?
Insertion loss?1.0dB?Nominal?
Watertight strength?20-120 MPa?Horizontal/Vertical?
Work temperature?-40?-?105?;
Plug and cable available for vulcanization;
Shell?SS 316L,Titanium TC4,Titanium TA2 (Optional)

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