Junta subaquática especial de vedação de vulcanização

Using special underwater joint of vulcanization sealing to creating a watertight seal for underwater electrical connections,this process, called vulcanization sealing, involves using a specialized heat-shrink tubing that is capable of shrinking and bonding to the cable insulation and connector. This process is particularly useful in marine applications where electrical connections are exposed to saltwater and other corrosive elements.This process is used in many industries where underwater electrical cables are needed, such as oil and gas drilling, marine engineering, and offshore wind farms.

By creating a completely sealed and waterproof connection, our special underwater joint of vulcanization sealing helps to protect the electrical components from damage and ensures reliable operation. The steps involved in the vulcanization sealing process, including pre-treatment of the cable and connector, application of the heat-shrink tubing, and heat treatment to shrink and bond the tubing to the cable and connector. Overall, we can provide a useful overview of the benefits and process of vulcanization sealing for creating reliable and waterproof underwater electrical connections. It is a valuable resource for anyone involved in marine electrical installations or other applications requiring waterproof electrical connections.

Special underwater joint of vulcanization sealing is applied in underwater electrical optical cable for the function of connection,split and combination.Ensure complete transmission of electrical and optical signals when via the connect point,meanwhile ensure the sealing strength and minium water resistance in subsea works. we can produce the joint with customized size. vulcanization sealing available for cable jacket of rubber, PU,PE.there are two kinds of vulcanization for different marine engineering works,indlude room temperature vulcanizing and high pressure temperature vulcanizing.

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In series, Security, Deep sea work, free work,
1)Species: 3
2)High frequency vibration: 10~2000Hz?0.75mm/100m/s
3)Shock: 100g
4)hydrostatic pressure:120MPa (Horizontal)
5)Cable continuity: Min 100N for connection point
6)Work temperature:-45C~95C

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