Jakie są środki ostrożności podczas nurkowania?

Cramp: If you are nervous, the water is too cold or you stay in the water for too long, you may have cramps. The preparation before launching should be sufficient, and the time in the water should not be too long. Once cramps occur, do not panic. For example, if you have a cramp in your toes, you should immediately bend your legs, pull your toes apart and straighten them; In case of calf cramp, take a breath, lie on your back on the water, hold your toes with your hand, and push your calf forward to stretch and relax the contracted muscles; When your fingers are cramped, hold them into fists, and then open them forcefully, so that you can get rid of them repeatedly.


Dizziness and brain distension: the main reason is that the diving time is too long, the blood is gathered in the lower limbs, the brain is ischemic, the body energy consumption is large, and the body is overtired. Go ashore to have a rest immediately, keep your whole body warm, and drink some light sugar and salt water appropriately.

Nausea and vomiting: This happens when the nose is choked with dirty water. Hurry up and go ashore. Then press Zhongwan and Neiguan points with your fingers. If you have a benevolent pill, you can also take one. To prevent enteritis, you can also eat several cloves of raw garlic

Skin itching and rash: mainly caused by skin allergy. Go ashore immediately. Take a piece of xismin or chlorpheniramine, and you will get better soon

Eye itch: It may be caused by unclean water. After landing, wash your eyes with clean light salt water immediately, and then apply chloramphenicol or erythromycin eyedrops to your eyes. Before going to bed, you'd better apply hot compress again.

Headache: The cause may be chronic rhinitis, choking water, cold body, temporary cerebral vasospasm and insufficient blood supply. At this time, you should go ashore quickly, use your thumb to knead the Baihui, Taiyang and Lieque acupoints on your head, then apply a hot towel to your head, and drink a cup of hot water to improve.

Abdominal pain and bloating: Abdominal pain and bloating will occur immediately after eating or diving on an empty stomach. At this time, you should go ashore and lie on your back, press the Zhongyuan, Shangyuan or Zusanli with the tip of your thumb, take orally 3 to 5 ml of ten drops of water, and apply the hot towel to your abdomen.

Earache and tinnitus: It may be caused by irrigation in the ear or choking on the nose. There are drainage methods. ? Turn your head to the side where the water enters your ear, pull the earlobe hard, and jump with the same leg. ? Align the palm of your hand with the ear canal, block your ear tightly with your hand, tilt your head to the left when there is water in the left ear, and then quickly pull your hand away, and the water will be sucked out. ? Use a sterile cotton swab to send it into the ear canal to suck out the water.

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