Cavi di traino

Tow cable is one of our important product line mainly for dynamic systems application of above ground and underwater, including: Pipeline inspection repair, Mining sweeping, side scan sonar, airborne aerostats ,Geoghysical exploration and other harsh evironments.Because of the good performance of flexibility, stretching resistance and antitorque, the tow cable well received in marine field like Navy, vessels . Cable combines different feature and funtions of synthetic strength member constructions for your selection: Electrical, Steels,Kevlar, Fibre optic,Aluminium foils.
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1.Reel cable

Cavi di traino Cavi di traino

  • a.Specifica:
  • Cable structure?4X16 nbr
  • Nominal outer diameter?28mm



  • 2-9 AWG Power Conductors
  • 7-20 AWG Conductors
  • 4-20 AWG Twisted Quads
  • 8-26 AWG Twisted Pairs
  • Water blocking material
  • Breaking Strength?200-600kg
  • Kevlar Strength Member
  • PU and PUR Jacket
  • Nominal O.D. = 6.9mm




3.Armored cable

armoring cable

  • 3*6 mm2
  • 2*(4*0.56mm2)
  • 2*(2*0.56mm2)
  • 5*0.56mm2
  • 0.56?drain wire?
  • 16*3.0mm2
  • 6 cores single fiber optics
  • Insulation:XLPE,PE
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Outer jacket:TPE
  • Outer diameter:25.5±1.0

armoring fiber optics cable

  • 144 cores single mode fiber
  • Fiber gel
  • Stainless steel tube protection
  • Optical fiber sheath
  • Galvanized steel wire armouring
  • Water blocking gel
  • Water blocking tape
  • HDPE inner sheath
  • Galvanized steel wire armouring
  • Asphalt
  • PP Yarns

4.Port machinery cable

  • 4*2.5mm²+17*1.5mm²
  • Outer jacket:PUR
  • Outer diameter:28.5mm





  • 10*1.5mm²
  • Outer jacket:PUR
  • Outer diameter:20.6 mm





  • ?4*0.12mm²)P+11*0.3mm²
  • Outer jacket:PUR
  • Insulation: PTFE
  • Breaking strength: 200KG
  • Outer diameter:9.4mm




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