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As a professional factory producing various types of cable since 2008, Pure Pro Technology Co. Ltd mainly focusing on high-performance RF cables     and cables assembly. We believe in the concept of applying advanced technology, continuous innovation and strong internal management, advanced production lines and state-of-art equipments will help us to produce consistent and reliable product.

We specialize in high level RF coaxial phase stable cables that are less among Chinese suppliers. We also have the strict testing control for the connectors, adapters and termination which help us to ensure the quality of RF cable assembly. With the experienced technician, precision casting equipment and advanced machining center, We offer custom and standard solution to meet the single requirement. 
Our products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, microwave, electronics, communications, ship building, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric       power, railway, medical equipment, weapons industry and other industries. CE certificate are available.
Products Range:
Cables: Varies RF coaxial cable, Coaxial cables, Aviation cables, Ships cables, High speed differential cables, High temperature cables, Special cables etc. and OEM/ODM non-standard special cables.
Coaxial Cable Assembly: High frequency low loss phase cable assembly, Super soft high temperature cable assembly, Low loss of economical cable          assembly, Flexible cable assembly,Semi-rigid-flexible cable assembly, Durability armor etc.
Connector & adapter & termination: Apply to RF Coaxial cables, such as type1.85, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, SMA, N, TNC, SSMA, BMA, SMP,S SMP etc.


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